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COVD pediatric vision screening kit


COVD Pediatric Kit

The COVD Peds Kit contains everything you need to conduct vision exams with young pediatric patients in your practice. Included in the Kit is a LEA Symbols Pocket Near Card with both proportionally spaced lines in logarithmic progression on one side, and isolated rectangles around the symbols on the other side. You can also quickly and easily screen near vision with the LEA Symbols Runge Pocket Card. The Runge Pocket Card with LEA Symbols features optotypes in descending order ranging from 20/500 to 20/16.

If you have difficulty occluding a child’s eye for monocular visual acuity testing, then the pair of Frosted Fun Frame Occluder Glasses will make vision testing fun and easy, for both you and your pediatric patient.

Also included in the kit are 3 great tools to capture a child’s attention: 2 Zoo finger puppets, and 1 Mini Spinning Fixation Globe. These fixation targets will hold your pediatric patients’ attention to help you achieve the best exam results possible!

The COVD Kit Contains:

  • 1 Small Heidi Fixation Target
  • 1 Good-Lite Fixation Cube with LEA Symbols
  • 1 Good-Lite Fixation Cube with LEA Symbols & Pictures
  • 1 Mini Spinning Fixation Globe
  • 2 Zoo Finger Puppets
  • 1 Frosted Fun Frame Occluder Glasses Set
  • 1 LEA Symbols Near Vision Card
  • 1 LEA Symbols Translucent Response Panel

A portion of the sales of these kits will help fund COVD’s Student Services Programs, such as our Tour de Optometry, Research Grants, Annual Meeting Travel Grants, and special COVD Speaker Presentations at the colleges or schools of optometry. COVD thanks Good-Lite for making this special kit available to you and we thank you for helping support our students and residents!

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