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EyeSpy Vision Testing Software


EyeSpy 20/20 Vision Screening Software Professional License

EyeSpy 20/20 vision screenings for your professional office or organization and are available in pay per use blocks.

EyeSpy 20/20™ employs a revolutionary proprietary approach to vision screening technology - a software program created by the Founders of VisionQuest 20/20. A child's vision is assessed in a standardized, cost-effective manner while he or she "plays" a two-to-three minute video game.

EyeSpy 20/20™ has been independently validated by the Medical University of South Carolina's Storm Eye Institute for scientific accuracy and reliability. The results of the double-blind study show EyeSpy 20/20™ provides results comparable to those achieved by a certified ophthalmic technician using a 'gold standard' device for assessing vision.

Distribution of our vision screening program is focused in schools, through government health programs and via other nonprofit organizations. Schools are the most efficient distribution channel because they offer the single largest venue for reaching children.

EyeSpy 20/20™ System Features:

  • Easy-to-implement program and will operate on most computers currently in schools.
  • Automated, age-appropriate vision screening protocols, for ages 3 years old and up.
  • Professional, easy-to-read report documenting screening results in either English or Spanish.
  • Intregrates with EMR and EHR Systems
  • HIPAA Compliant Data Storage
  • Results are automatically and immediately available for school health records as well as for the child's guardian.
  • Child's screening history is retained in a database, enabling rescreening without record duplication as well as reports that can be reprinted at any time, individually or collectively.
  • Can be installed on an unlimited number of computers within a school.
  • Offers schools and other organizations a fund-raising opportunity while protecting their students vision.

EyeSpy 20/20 Professional License is available in the following pay per use blocks.

Number of Screenings

Price Per Screening

100 Screenings Block

$5.00 per Screening

250 Screenings Block

$4.50 per Screening

500 Screenings Block

$4.00 per Screening

1000 Screenings Block

$3.50 per Screening

NOTE: The 100, 250, 500, and 1000 block screenings do not have an expiration date to easily fit into your screening needs.

Large scale implementation pricing is also available in a block of 50,000 screenings at $3.30 per screening. 50,000 screening block will be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Please contact Good-Lite to find out more.

Screening Supplies

Screening kits with accessories to assist in screening vision are. purchased separately. Each vision screening kit contains the following items. One kit is required per vision screening “station” (laptop computer on which vision screenings are to be conducted). Individual components of the screening kit can be acquired individually.

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SKU Screening Blocks
Price Qty.
300407-100 100 Block $500.00
300407-250 250 Block $1,125.00
300407-500 500 Block $2,000.00
300407-1000 1000 Block $3,500.00


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